Wilson W’s Success Story

Nursing school had led to a career but he got a bit more than he bargained for – some extra pounds that he was now thinking he wanted to lose. After hearing about HealthyWage on a website, he went to the HealthyWage site to learn more and was impressed with what he saw. He felt that the challenges offered him that extra push he needed to lose weight and the accountability of the weekly check-ins would keep him on target. Another friend had been working on weight loss using a calorie counting app so Wilson incorporated this into his own strategy after starting the HealthyWage Challenge.

While previous weight loss had always come as the fastest strategy possible and extreme exercise methods, Wilson knew that the six months would allow him to do it slowly and offer a way to make definitive lifestyle changes to his diet and activity regimen. His first step was to cut out soda and switch to water while also opting for other healthier choices and smaller portions. Exercise started at the gym but with three days of elliptical and gradual additions of lifting and other types of exercise. The pounds came off more steadily this time, which kept him motivated. Encouragement also came from his friend and mother who both cheered him on to continue to the end of the six months. With other weight loss strategies, Wilson had always given up after a couple of months, but he stuck this one out for the entire six months. That included some temptations and challenges along the way, but he found his way around them. If it was a wedding, he would eat before attending to ensure he ate less at the event. If it was junk food from his co-workers, Wilson brought his own snacks like almonds.

This dedication led to losing 56 pounds not to mention a sweet financial reward.

“HealthyWage is a great program that you can do on your own but still be connected and inspired by others who are doing the challenges just like you.”

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