Wellness Professional Spotlight: Johanna Tanno, Western Reserve Hospital

Johanna TannoJohanna is the Wellness Coordinator at the Western Reserve Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Having started out at Fitness Centers when young, Johanna studied for her PTA degree and holds a Board Certification as a Holistic Practitioner.

Can we know a little about you? What is your background?
Health and wellness has always been a personal passion of mine and now I am honored to share, support, encourage, and lead in this field.

What parts of your wellness campaign are you most proud of?
I find pride in all aspects that create a health and wellness program – even the smallest parts. The success of each initiative and more importantly the personal accomplishments of every single employee that participates in the initiative inspire me. The challenges are endless, from motivating people to participate to planning a program with a small budget. I’ve learned to believe in the statement “Where there is a will there is away” and to make things happen.

Has it been well received?
The whole program is pretty new so it feels that there is excitement for every addition made to the program and employees wait to see what comes next. That being said our lunch-and-learn series has really taken off as it is a very accessible manner to get folks involved in wellness. Since it is held at our facility during the workday, there is low barrier to entry and that has made it an early success.

Do you think there is a difference for Health Systems in comparison to corporate environments?
There are many differences in the Health System environment compared to a corporate environment. First the unrealistic health expectations for health care workers is higher than those of the general population; however, health care workers face the same challenges as the general population. Also it is more of a challenge to encourage ‘health’ educated individuals who already know what to do to be healthy but sometimes choose not to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare can be a very stressful environment with employees working long hours. So finding “time” for wellness isn’t always a priority.

How are you integrating incentives into your program?
We do integrate incentives. The biggest is a discount in insurance premiums for having a healthy lifestyle and reaching certain health measures. HealthyWage has been a great addition to our program, especially for those who are trying to decrease their BMI.

What do you feel ‘success’ looks like for a Wellness program?
Success is being able to “touch”, influence, support, and encourage each individual on a personal level.

If we could wave a wand and give you infinite resources, what else would you ideally like to include in your program?
Unlimited motivational tools. Whether that looks like financial incentives, paid time off, healthy lifestyle tools, or an on-site gym facility. I would like to have the tools to positively motivate each individual.

What advice would you love to have been given 6 months ago?
“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence”


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