Wellness Professional Spotlight: Cheryl Victoria, Phillips 66

This month we’ve spoken with Cheryl Victoria at Phillips 66.

Cheryl VictoriaFind out more about how the ‘safety-first’ atmosphere you would expect to find at an energy company has been evolved into a holistic wellness campaign, why she’d like an extra hour of her population’s day and the three factors she believes are necessary for a successful wellness campaign.

Can we know a little about you? What is your background?

I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry since 1998 as a Personal Trainer. I earned my B.S. in Kinesiology, with a minor in Health Promotions at the University of Houston in 2004. My career shifted into Corporate Wellness in 2007, when I started working as the Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Coordinator at ConocoPhillips.

How have you found developing Phillips 66’s wellness program?

From the beginning, Phillips 66’s strong safety and wellness culture provided a platform to develop and improve wellness program that catered to the current needs of our employees.

Anticipating and brainstorming new wellness needs that would arise from the repositioning of the company allowed me to come up with different programming solutions and ideas to keep the employees engaged.

I am very excited to see that our wellness culture has stayed strong and resilient throughout the past year. We’re looking forward to more exciting ways to help bring our employees to a “new level of healthy”.

What parts of your new program have your population found the most exciting?

Team-based challenges and the gamification of programs have received the most positive responses and participation. Our efforts to reach out to our field locations and refineries were also very fruitful in creating a more “global” and “unified” wellness program.

My goal is to provide a variety of offerings that will appeal to any of our employees and sometime require that I step back and think outside of the box. The ability to be creative in my role is most exciting to me.

Do you think there is a difference for a company like yours with such varied working environments compared to companies where people only sit at desks?

I support the employees located in our corporate headquarters, so the health issues and approaches are going to be a little different than the issues and approaches that we incorporate into our field locations.

We have learned some of the discrepancies over time, which has allowed us to accommodate programming logistics to apply to the variations in population. For example we provide various tracking and registration options, communications avenues and topics of interest.

Are you integrating incentives into your program? If so, how do you decide what type of incentives are appropriate at the start of a program?

Yes, we integrate incentives into most of our programs. Our prizes range from higher expense items, like tablets and electronics, while other programs include a prize raffle for a gift card or prize. Other programs include a t-shirt or fitness item for those who complete the program.

What do you feel ‘success’ looks like for a Wellness program?

I define success in three metrics: participation, completion and progression.

If we have a high participation from employees who complete the programs successfully, then hopefully we will see progress and improvement in their overall health. The fun part is finding out ways to get everyone involved.

If we could wave a wand and give you infinite resources, what else would you ideally like to include in your program?

I’d love to offer Personal Trainers and individual health coaches for the employees and to give employees one paid hour per day for personal exercise or activity, apart from lunch.

What advice would you love to have been given 3 months ago?

The advice I try to follow every day….keep smiling. 🙂

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