Wellness Professional Spotlight: Cassie Kmiec, ConocoPhillips

This month we’ve spoken with Cassie Kmiec at ConocoPhillips

Cassie KmiecFind out more about how Cassie engages even the most remove ConocoPhillips locations and her philosophy on how personal wellbeing directly effects workplace safety.

Can we know a little about you? What is your background?

I have worked in the health and wellness industry since 2007 starting my career as a Personal Trainer and Soccer Trainer. I  earned my B.S. in Kinesiology (Applied Exercise Physiology) with a minor in Psychology from Texas A&M University in 2009. Moving to Houston, I started working for Memorial Hermann Hospital as the Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Physiologist in the in-patient and out-patient Cardiac Rehab facilities. I also taught anatomy and physiology at the Academy of Health Care Professionals for night school students earning Medical Assistant and Personal Training certifications. In 2012 I joined ConocoPhillips as the Exercise Physiology /Wellness Coordinator for the Houston Campus where I assist in facility operations, fitness assessments, and US health and wellness programing.

What parts of your new program have your population found the most exciting?

Expanding and focusing on reaching out to our employee population to remotes sites and around the globe has been particularly exciting. Our Global Wellness team is comprised of wellness professionals and employees volunteering from different Business Units from ConocoPhillips locations all around the world. This year we are focusing on how  our employee’s personal wellbeing directly effects workplace safety. Online physical activity tracking programs, presentations, Health Fairs, and  depicting the  connection between safety and health has hit home with many of our employees in the corporate setting, as well as in the field locations. It is excited to see that this message touch so many of our employees.

What do you feel ‘success’ looks like for a Wellness program?

To me, success in a wellness program is defined by employee satisfaction, participation and biometric changes. We host a wide variety of programs to reach employees at whatever stage of health they are at, and always strive for 100% employee satisfaction. Inspirational success stories from employees around the globe about drastic weight loss, lifestyle changes, mental and behavioral changes, and improvement in biometrics due to our wellness programming are shared on our internal intranet site. If our programs help one employee make a small change to live a healthier lifestyle, then I count this as a success!

If we could wave a wand and give you infinite resources, what else would you ideally like to include in your program?

Our programs reach employees in groups, but I would love to give employees the ability to meet with a wellness professional one-on-one on a monthly basis to help them reach their fitness and nutrition goals. Although we have Personal Trainers and nutrition consultations available to our employees, there is a fee associated with the service. If our company was able to pay for these services I believe our employee base would utilize these offerings more and find great value in them.

How do you get creative when it come to planning wellness events for a company that is so diverse?

When delivering wellness events to the company, we have to think outside of the box. We have employees who work in our corporate offices, as well as those in remote fields sites located around the US and globe. It is nearly impossible to find a program that suits our entire employee base, therefore delivering multiple different wellness offerings is the only way to deliver programing that will fit our diverse company.  Collaborating and brainstorming with other wellness professionals helps me become creative and come up with exciting and unique wellness offerings.

Did you notice a change in how your population thought about weight loss since participating in the HealthyWage Energy Industry Challenges?

I have only heard positive remarks about how the HealthyWage challenge has motivated them to lose weight. This program has enabled our employees to participate in a group program that was fun, motivating and challenging. I hope the information gained and the success found during this program continues to inspire our employees to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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