June 2012 Matchup

Mini Challenge #6: Team Before & After Photo

Winners: Bravo5A

Thank you to each and everyone of you guys who supported our team during this 10 weeks we have realized how “with a little help of our friends” we can do it! this will be our last picture enjoy it. Thank you. Gracias a todos y cada uno quienes nos apoyaron en este camino. nos dimos cuenta que si se puede y que tenemos familia y amigos maravillosos. muchas gracias esta es la ultima foto asi que disfrutenla !!!!

Runners-Up: Will Work For Less Food

Thank you for all the love and support we’ve received over the 12-week challenge! We have made great progress! With one week left we will be working as hard as possible to win this thing.

Runners-Up: NoYoYo

Extra! Extra! Team NoYoYo drops 226 lbs in 12 weeks! Thanks to all of you who’ve voted, and thanks to our team members who dieted, exercised, and sweated out over 17% of their body weight to get us to this point!

Mini Challenge #5: Best Photo of Alternative Ways to Soothe

Winners: Will Work For Less Food

We have When we need to soothe or relax as a team we love to hit the green and go golfing. It is a great way to get out of the house (and away from temptation) and workout our emotions in a positive healthy setting.

Runners-Up: Bravo5A

Our Team Does Zumba! making our weight loss journey more exciting!To stay focused on our weight-loss journey and live our daily lives to the max, our team spends quality time with their family, take a nap if anxiety strikes, listen to music, work work work!,or talk to a long distance relative on the phone. And not to mention our daily ZUMBA lessons.

Runners-Up: NoYoYo

After ten weeks of diet and exercise, we deserved a night of facials and pampering!

Mini Challenge #4: Team Exercise Photo/Video

Winners: Will Work For Less Food

We have found that tennis is a fun way to workout together and unwind after a long day!

Runners-Up: Bravo5A

Our Team Does Zumba! making our weight loss journey more exciting!

Mini Challenge #3: Healthy Meal Team Photo

Winners: Will Work For Less Food

Got together as a team (and family) to make smart eating decisions while stilling being able to go out!

Runners-Up: Bravo5A

Team bravo 5A likes to eat healthy at Subway!!

Runners-Up: NoYoYo

Enjoying healthy summer salads at Paradise Bakery

Mini Challenge #2: Team Recipe & Photo

Winners: Will Work For Less Food

Grilled Balsamic Chicken Kabobs- These are spectacular and each skewer only has around 180 calories and 5g of carbs! (This recipe is made for a large group, but can certainly be reduced if needed.) Steps: 1) Take 10 chicken breasts and cut into bite-sized pieces. 2) Slice 3 bell peppers, one white onion, one yellow onion, one zucchini and one yellow squash. 3) Wash 40 medium-sized mushrooms. 4) Take 20 wooden skewers and randomly place the chicken, peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, and mushrooms onto each skewer. 5) Combine 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of Balsamic vinegar. 6) Generously brush the balsamic-oil mixture on each skewer. 7) Grill each skewer until chicken reaches 165 degrees. 8) Enjoy the tasty goodness!

Runners-Up: Bravo5A

Easy Chicken Salad (low calories) Team Bravo5A came up with this delicious salad that gives a satisfaction in taste and will leave you with a full stomach without having to worry about how many calories you have take. it contains around no max of 160 calories per serving The plate includes chicken salad,a slice of toasted wheat bread and to top it off a glass of cold lemon water with NO! sugar. In the making. you will need. -1/4 of a lettuce -1 boiled chicken leg (no salt) -Lite Mayo – small can of carrots and peas -wheat bread 1. cut your chicken leg into small threads 2.chop lettuce finely 3.open your can of peas and carrots 4.add 1 tablespoons of the lite mayo (all ingredients into a small container) 5. toast your slice of wheat bread (optional) LAST STEP: mix all ingredients and serve on a small plate along with your toasted bread and don’t forget a refreshing glass of cold water with a squeezed lemon again NO SUGAR! ENJOY! (:

Runners-Up: The Cookie Crumblers

Lettuce Leaf Tacos- If you’re craving tacos use leaf lettuce as the taco shells instead of tortillas and instead of ground beef as the filling use 6 spicey shrimp for each leaf and put pico de gallo over the shrimp instead of cheese…. approx 150 calories for 2 and you can even throw in a few tortialls chips for a toal of approx 172 cals

Mini Challenge #1: Team Synergy—Before Photo & Team Facebook Page

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in the Team Synergy Mini Challenge! 

Winners: Will Work For Less Food

Gearing up to workout more and eat less!

Runners-Up: The Philly Five

A group of five friends from the Philadelphia area that are hell bent on losing these extra pounds and getting back to a healthy life style.

Runners-Up: Bravo5A

We can and we’ll do it!

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