Video Verify-By-Friend Instructions

Video Verification Instructions

Congratulations on starting your HealthyWage program! A friend can verify your weight by submitting a private video of your weigh-in.  To submit a Verify-By-Friend, please carefully follow the five rules below:


Click through each link for details!

Rule 1:  Step up to the plate!  Use one of the Approved Scales

Rule 2:  Get dressed!  You must weigh-in wearing only the Approved Clothing

Rule 3:  Make a movie! You must follow the Weigh-in Video Instructions exactly

Rule 4:  Upload the video and share with us! You must follow the Private YouTube Upload Instructions exactly

Rule 5:  Tell us about it!  You must complete the Verify-by-Friend Online Form

NOTE: Our audit group cannot confirm any Verify-by-Friend submission that does not adhere strictly to these five rules.  HealthyWage reserves the right to reject videos that it determines, in its sole discretion, are fraudulent.  The audit group reserves the right to view and/or reject any video at any time during or after your contest.

Follow All of these instructions very closely. They are very detailed in order to eliminate any doubt or discrepancies. Failure to do so may result in disqualification at any point within or after the competition dates.

15 Comments Add yours

  1. I did not get a video sent on the same day I signed up. How long do I have to get this video uploaded?

    1. You have three weeks after the start of the challenge to get weighed-in. We recommend you get that done ASAP to maximize the amount of weight counted toward the competition for your team.

  2. KELLI says:

    Can you use the video verify by friend to weigh out?

  3. Charles says:

    I just submitted my video. How soon will it be approved by the audit team? I followed the instructions but I want to make sure I did everything correctly.

    1. The audit team may take a few days to view all the videos and their priority is to make sure the video uploaded, email us you would like your video viewed and we will check it our for you.

  4. vwillli35 says:

    what if i don’t have 10 people on my team by the start of the matchup challenge? Can I join another team?

    1. You only need 5 members per team.

  5. Ayo-Lynn Richards says:

    If I used a gym to verify my starting weight, can I use video verify-by-friend to verify my final weight (you guys didn’t have that option when I signed up five months ago)?

  6. Ashley Campana says:

    I was weighed in at a gym but it was a bit of a hassle. Can I weigh out with the video method?

    1. Yes, video method is always an option.

  7. Diana Mejia says:

    I submitted my video but it was 1 minute and 7 seconds. Is that okay?

    1. That should be fine as long as you followed the instructions.

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