The HealthyWage Jackpot Winning Team: KDC M&M’s-Weight melts in our waists, not in our minds!

KDC M&Ms – Weight Melts in Our Waists, Not in Our Minds!
Winners of The HealthyWage Jackpot
9.25% Weight Loss
93.9 Pounds Lost

Johnson & Johnson’s team, KDC M&Ms—Weight Melts in Our Waists, Not in Our Minds, competed in the jackpot and 62514608df776b55a752ec990e88c438won their share by meeting the weight loss percentage goal of 6%. For the team members, the team format was important to helping them reach their goal. They noted that TEAM really stands for “together everyone achieves more,” and that could not be truer when it comes to losing weight.

For those on the team, they felt it was a fun and encouraging way to tackle something that they each had wanted to achieve. Plus the financial reward was a nice incentive on top of the motivating aspect of competing against other teams. To help achieve their 6% loss, the team focused on eating light meals in the evenings and walking at lunch and after work.

The biggest challenge was getting through the holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, without eating a lot. Helping along the way though were family and friends some of which also lost weight. Team captain Jim noted that the competition helped him learn something about himself. He said, “Losing the weight turned my self-esteem and health around. With the right discipline, I learned that I could do anything.” In noting what HealthyWage did for the Team that other attempts at weight loss didn’t do, one team member said, “It was the idea of the competition with a reward at the end that did it for us.”

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