The HealthyWage Jackpot Winning Team: Breaking Fat

Breaking Fat
Jackpot Winners!
8.76% Weight Loss
75.6 Pounds Lost

Jackpot winners, Breaking Fat, originally decided that they would name themselves Baby Got Hips, but the team’s lone male team member tried to look like Sir Mix a Lot for the team photo. However, when he showed up in his costume, which looked more like the iconic character Walter White from the television program Breaking Bad. Moving forward they decided to change their name to Breaking Fat to go along with their starting team photo.

breaking fat before and aftThe team members have known each other a long time, working together in various departments at Johnson & Johnson for nearly 15 years. Knowing each other so well, they were confident that they could meet the 6% weight loss goal for the jackpot prize. While they were not competitive with each other, they definitely paid attention to the leaderboards when they noticed they were in third place.

When they started the HealthyWage competition, they just wanted their registration fee back but with the encouragement from each member and the idea of team accountability, they were more driven for that 6% prize. To stay on track, they either met or did a conference call once a week as long as a weigh-in on Mondays. They picked this day because they knew they would have to be more accountable about what they ate on the weekends. The team members also took exercise classes together sponsored by Johnson & Johnson as well as used the company’s fitness center to keep the motivation going to push them to cross that finish line.


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