Jon Witherspoon

Jon is a contributor and editor of the HealthyWage Blog.  He’s the former entertainment editor at Parade Magazine. He loves getting outdoors, running, hiking and staying fit. He loves water-skiing, sky-diving and hound dogs.

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  1. Dawn Burgess says:

    Hi Jon, I just started healthy wage about three weeks ago and have lost 7 pounds doing the Atkins diet. I am very discouraged though because I have done Atkins before and have lost about 17 pounds in a two week period and expected to get the same results again and am very suprised that I am having such a hard time dropping the weight faster this time around. I am 55 and post menopausal, but I still thought I would lose more because now I am even trying to be more strict on it and am still not losing much. The first week was 3 pounds and the 2nd week to, but now the 3rd week I only lost a pound. I have re read parts in the new book that tell me what I might be doing wrong and so far I am pretty much doing everthing right, although I did start counting calories which you are not supposed to have to do on Atkins just to make sure that I am not over doing that. Is there something else I am missing?

    Dawn B.

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