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Excited to Join the HealthyWage Team!

Greetings! I am thrilled to introduce myself as HealthyWage’s new director of social media and communications.  What makes me so excited about HealthyWage is that it directly addresses the cultural problem we face, living in society where we all get blitzed every day by social and marketing pressure to eat high calorie foods. HealthyWage helps … Continue reading

Member Turns 50, Gives Herself a Big Gift—Way to Go, Patti!

And making healthy eating choices helped her husband get fit too. “I joined the BMI Challenge after a girlfriend had registered and told me about it.  I was facing my 50th birthday this year, and decided it was now or never for the weight to come off.  Challenging myself by betting on myself to lose … Continue reading

Instead of Losing Weight—Gain Thinness!

In 1990 a client with diabetes told me something I’ve never forgotten. She said she didn’t want to lose anything else since she’d already experienced multiple losses in her life. She decided that in order to be healthy, she’d be okay gaining. When I looked at her with concerned eyes, she said, “Don’t worry, Ellen, … Continue reading

Melissa’s Amazing Weight Loss Story

Melissa dropped 57 pounds!!  Wow!!  Congratulations from everyone at HealthyWage!!  We want to thank Melissa for sharing her story with us: I’m so happy!  You can see the loss in my face, and I feel so much better!  When I started HealthyWage, I was 215lbs.  I’m now 158lbs!!! 215 is the heaviest I’d ever been.  … Continue reading

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