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Exclusive Video: Shrink & Nosh!

This week is the third episode of my new video series using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for permanent weight loss. In this one, “Shrink and Nosh,” I explore some great tools for maintaining your weight-loss goals while dining out. Today, I review dining-out guidelines with my guest Evan, who admits to being part of the clean … Continue reading

Great Tips for Late-Night Snackers

Some of my bad eating habits used to happen like clockwork… My big vice: late night snacking! Curbing the snacking was one of the hardest challenges that I faced when I decided to lose weight. If you have the same problem, you’re not alone. A common refrain is: I don’t know what it is about … Continue reading

How do I stop late night cravings?

Develop a strategy! Continue reading

Workplace Snack Strategies

Work can be a disaster for your diet, especially if you’re in an office that stocks vending machines with high-calorie chips and candy bars. Soda wreaks havoc on a diet as it is comprised of empty liquid calories, more than 250 in just one 20-ounce bottle. If you’re not prepared to succeed, you can easily succumb to a snack-attack and add hundreds of unwanted and non-nutritious calories. Continue reading

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