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It’s Great to Lose Weight, but Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

Good morning HealthyWage challengers! When I used to gain extra pounds around my waist (yes, guys, that’s where is goes after 40!) and decided it was time to lose weight, I’d to go into “lock-down” mode, I liked to call it. No chips. No ice-cream. No mayo. No cake. No fun.  No fun. No fun! … Continue reading

October is Positive Attitude Month—Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Let’s say your goal is healthier living, whether it’s weight loss, less caffeine or alcohol, or a stronger, more toned physique. No, you don’t need to become Pollyanna to be healthy. You do need to be accepting of what IS in this moment, while making the effort to change the things you can.  These ideas … Continue reading

Ice Cream Makes You Happy (Until it Doesn’t)

Wouldn’t it be great if the messages that we’re bombarded with everyday encouraged us to make healthy choices instead of so blatantly sabotaging our efforts? For all of us who are using HealthyWage challenges to lose weight, happiness is being re-framed. In the past we may have defined joy as coming from the momentary pleasure … Continue reading

Member Turns 50, Gives Herself a Big Gift—Way to Go, Patti!

And making healthy eating choices helped her husband get fit too. “I joined the BMI Challenge after a girlfriend had registered and told me about it.  I was facing my 50th birthday this year, and decided it was now or never for the weight to come off.  Challenging myself by betting on myself to lose … Continue reading

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