Success Story: Julie T

Julie has lost and gained weight for most of her life, but this last go-round, feeling miserable, she decided julie trevthat this was the final time and the weight was staying off for good. She just was not going to buy bigger sized clothes. In the midst of starting on this goal, she heard about HealthyWage at a kick-off meeting for a Fitness/Weight Loss Challenge sponsored by her gym. Julie signed up for HealthyWage because she knew she was already on track to lose weight as part of the gym challenge and she could win money for all the effort she was already making.

First, it was time to put down the wings and beer and not pick them up again. Using MyFitnessPal app, Julie began logging everything that she ate and drank to understand where the calories were going and how to make better choices with the calories she did give herself. This led to a diet regimen heavy on fruits, vegetables, and water and low on carbs and fat. Exercise became the priority as she tried every class at the gym, including Yoga and Pilates, and added in swimming and weight training as well. For Julie, it really came down to discipline and hard work to achieve those weigh-in goals and make her numbers. The monetary reward provided that extra motivation Julie needed to get there. She’s ended up a triple winner – Julie not only won the competition at her gym, but she also won her HealthyWage Challenge and won by having a healthier lifestyle.

“Who doesn’t want to make money and get paid to lose weight?”

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