School Specialty Jackpot Top Team

School Specialty Jackpot Top Team

Chipotle Five – 10.16% Weight Loss!

The Chipotle FiveThe Chipotle Five all sit next to each other at work and individually were or were thinking about losing weight. When the HealthyWage competition came up, they felt that this was something that they could do together and get somewhere on weight loss where many were hitting a wall doing it on their own.

Their company had great places for walking, which they did together, as well as an on-site exercise room where they had access to exercise throughout the workday. Individually, they used apps like MyFitnessPal and LoseIt to track what they were doing in terms of food choices and calories. Some even applied their working knowledge of the Weight Watchers points system as a foundation for their strategy. Beyond the support of each member on their team, they also had help at home with spouses that shared the same diet and food choices.

When they were at work, they helped each other look past the donuts and other junk food that co-workers brought in and shared healthy snacks and tips to keep them on track. The financial incentive was important and they were more focused on making sure that no one blew it for the rest of the team.

Many times, they saw that they were in first place when logging their weight so they became obsessed with keeping that top spot. There were definitely challenges along the way, including those summer weekends and holidays, but they persevered during the week so they had a little leeway on the weekend to enjoy some treats. When asked what HealthyWage did for them, they said, “The program made us more aware of what we were eating and how much. It was a great way to stay on track. The team building aspect was the best because it made it much easier than trying to lose weight on our own.”


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