Reva D’s Success Story

Weight loss is often a lifelong struggle as it has been for Reva who, when she hit 205 pounds decided enough was enough. It was time to make time for herself and her health. She also wanted to keep up with everyone else in her group of square dancing friends. After hearing about HealthyWage on the news, she decided to investigate further to see if this could help her plan with losing weight and getting healthier. Not only did she like the idea of a financial incentive, but Reva was attracted to the idea of making a one-year commitment to the weight loss. She knew that the weight didn’t pile on overnight and it certainly wasn’t going to disappear quickly, so the longer timeframe gave her a comfortable period in which to make those waistline changes. Reva kept what she was doing quiet for awhile – she didn’t even tell her husband – as she felt this was doing it for herself, but the cat eventually jumped out of the bag when people started to notice her weight loss.

Once she told them about the HealthyWage Challenge, they became her cheerleading squad and checked in for updates on where she was at. Counting calories, changing food habits, and regularly walking up and down her steep neighborhood hill led to a significant weight loss. While there were challenges along the way, Reva let herself enjoy her friends’ gourmet cooking by cutting back calories on certain days and then allowing herself a day off to enjoy the great food. In the long run, this helped her stick to her goals. Plus, she loves to gamble so she was not going to lose this bet with herself or HealthyWage.

Now, she has more energy and stamina then she knows what to do with, which helps keep her working around the clock and enjoying square dancing marathons at the annual square dancing competitions without stopping to take a breath.

“Everyone knows what they need to do to lose weight, but HealthyWage makes sure they do it and rewards them for sticking to it.”

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