Mini-Challenge Instructions

Best Recipe Makeover Instructions & Rules:

Please read your emails about how the winners will be determined for your specific challenge.

Judging Criteria:

Mini-Challenge voting should take into account the following criteria when voting for a recipe:

1. Creative use of ingredients
2. Presentation of dish
3. Taste of dish
4. Health and nutritional value


We provide you with a recipe and photo of a dish including nutritional information. Your challenge as a team is to create a healthier and more creative version of the dish. Please provide a recipe and nutritional information, and an attractive photo of the dish in your mini-challenge tab in your  Challenge Portal by clicking view entry and entering your photo and description.

Submit the image and recipe information separately as an image and text.
Please do not upload a Word Document – our website will only accept image files (.png,.jpg,.gif,.tiff.jpeg, or .pdf)

Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM ET on the day of the deadline. Winners will be announced at the end of the same week the challenge ends.

Resources on food substitutions to help you get started:

Two good nutritional and calorie information, calculators and trackers:


If you are in the GE HealthAhead Lose Weight, Win Big Challenge, your recipe can be found here.

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