Quintiles Top Team: September 19th Team Challenge

186 Participants
Total Weight Loss: 1,356.2 Pounds
Average Weight Loss Per Person: 7.3 Pounds
Top Team: Penteract – To the Power of 5
Top Team Weight Loss Percentage: 15.2%

Penteract Before and AfterTeam Penteract, the top team from Quintiles, participated all the way from South Africa. The team name of Penteract came from the idea that there are five people in the group and the name actually means to the power of five. Each one was determined to make this the time for a healthy life change plus they thought the money was a great motivator.

The team members all work for the same office in South Africa with four of them working under the same manager. Working so closely also gave them the opportunity to encourage each other plus go to the gym together every day. They went to the gym six days a week and worked out with a personal trainer plus they put themselves on strict diets. The team’s results were very much aided by the feeling of competition. They noted that, without the competition format, they are not sure they would have done that well.

Since they were the only team from South Africa from their company, they were mostly competing against themselves and the team names they saw listed on the HealthyWage leaderboard. In competing against each other, they created some of their own challenges to keep everyone focused including a fast walk challenge, a jogging challenge, and a ‘who cheats the least’ challenge.

Throughout the HealthyWage team competition they were also motivated by friends and family who kept them on track toward the finish line. In the end, they made it to fifth overall across all the teams and accomplished their goal of achieving a healthier life for themselves.


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