October 2012 Matchup

First Place Winners: Fat Mike and the Boys

Fat Mike and the BoysThe team “Fat Mike and the Boys” was formed after Mike and Dan Gilkey, who both competed together in weight loss challenges in the past, decided to put together a team. They recruited friends Chad, Jeff and Adam, knowing their levels of commitment would be high, to complete the winning team of five men.

The team worked well together right away, keeping each other motivated through competition as Chad explains, “We spoke multiple times per week, keeping tabs on each other and motivating each other.  We are all extremely competitive, not only were we trying to win as a team but beat each other as well.  When someone was falling behind we gave suggestions on foods to eat, workouts or hounded them enough to make sure they were sticking to their diet.”

There were no big secrets to their weight loss which came down to good old fashioned hard work as Jeff shares, “It really came down to eating “better” and exercising more.  Eating better meant mostly vegetables and lean protein, some nuts for protein and good fat, and high fiber carbs – very little sugar and fried foods.  I don’t think I had French fries the entire contest.  Portion control was also important.  Exercising consisted of treadmill walking/elliptical cycle 45 minutes, 75-100 push-ups and sit-ups 4-6 times per week.”

The team lost an astonishing 210 pounds, which comes out to more than 42 pounds per person with Mike Gilkey leading the team with a total loss of 48 pounds!  Mike shares the key to the team’s overall success, “Having your teammates to challenge you when you had a bad week and pick you up when you were struggling was a big help to the success we achieved.”

Congratulations to Fat Mike and the Boys on an amazing accomplishment!

Second Place Winners: Cruisin’ for a Losin’

cruisin for a losin 2

Team Cruisin’ for a Losin’ is an all family team of two sisters, one cousin and two in-laws. All members are parents and shared the same goals of wanting to lose weight and become healthier parents to their kids.

The competitive team ending up placing second in the October challenge by losing 203 pounds and actually won 5 out of the 6 mini challenges. Their journey was not without its challenges as Aurora explains, “Since we live in separate cities and didn’t have easy access to get together often we found being connected online was important. We chatted everyday sometimes late into the night sharing what was working for one and not working for another. We celebrated each other’s milestones and tried to help each other though the disappointments. Ultimately we learned from each other!”

Since the team members were in separate locations, finding ways to keep motivated was key to their success. Stephanie explains how social networking helped the team, “Facebook really helped us all stay connected and motivated. We all were able to communicate with each other through Facebook messenger. Group messaging really helped us stay on track with each other when we reached milestones or needed an extra push.”

Lori and her husband, Cory, made it a husband and wife effort as Lori shares, “We both joined a local gym right off and committed to go at least 5 times a week. We made a promise to each other that no matter what NO EXCUSES! We threw out all of our temptations and stocked up on veggies. We changed out our milk and other dairy products from 2% to fat free choices and our white bread for whole grain wheat and cut out all the fatty meats!” It obviously worked for Lori as she was the top member of her team losing an amazing 49 pounds!

The team is committed to keeping the weight off—Aurora details the team plans for the rest of 2013, “The road to fitness is contagious! My husband has since lost 11 lbs and is now teaching me about the weight machines at the gym. My workouts are still improving and I am focused more now on the results rather than the numbers. Everyday I am loving what I see and how great I feel! I will be 45 at the end of this year. My new motto: To be hotter and healthier at 45 than I was at 35! It’s going to be a great year!”

Congratulations on a well deserved victory!

Third Place Winners: Fit with Friends

Fit and friends

Fit with Friends, affiliated with the Houston ISD teams, was formed when Joseph Magee decided to put a team together based on family and friends that wanted to lose weight. The team consisted of Joseph, his girlfriend April, April’s mother and father, Brenda and Kenneth and friend Sal. The team ended up in third place after losing more than 170 pounds!

Glenn explains on how the team competition was important to their motivation to lose weight, “I am a very competitive person and I do not like to let people down so just the fact that they were depending on me was enough motivation.” Well, it worked with Glenn losing the most weight on his team—an incredible 45 pounds in the 12 weeks of the challenge!

April describes the team’s strategy, “We changed our diet with discipline. We gave up soda, sweets and complex carbs. We incorporated chicken, fish and beef by grilling or pan searing. We also stuck with green vegetables steamed or pan fried in olive oil.”

Sal shares how he managed to stay on track, “My co-worker and I ate lunch together everyday, talked about our successes and failures, and he held me responsible for losing my 16.59%.”

Now that the challenge is over, Glenn is committed to keeping the weight off and is even doing the P90x work out and April continues to incorporate daily exercise and healthier eating into her lifestyle, “It’s all about the choices of food and portions you eat.”

Well done team!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Viki Gilkey says:

    My husband, Dan, was on the winning team….Thank God this is over! I am so proud of Fat Mike and Boys! What a great accomplishment!

  2. Nichol W says:

    WOW, what inspiring teams!! WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

  3. Bigfish5166 says:

    Nice job, great reading for someone in the competition…..

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