Layne W Success Story

Layne Walker began her weight loss journey when her employer Tarrant County Health Department in Layne WTexas participated in the March Team Challenge earlier this year. She was impressed with the success she had but with her team not having as much motivation they failed to rank within the top three teams and win a prize. Luckily she also joined the HealthyWage 10% challenge, to make sure that the only person holding her back from a win would be herself.  She shared with us,  “The team match-up initially got my interest, but the 10% challenge sustained my efforts when other team members began to flake out.“

Layne lost an incredible 53 pounds during the 6 months, exceeding her 10% weight loss goal by over 20 pounds! She even decided to participate in another Team Challenge in June, this time with a handpicked team – they had much better success.

Layne is the perfect example of why financial incentives work for meeting your weight loss goals. She tried several ways to diet before our program and was never able to effectively lose and keep the weight off. We are proud to have such an amazing individual part of our programs and she is beginning her next 10% challenge right away. Her goals will now be smaller, along with her waist size but she is eager to begin yet another 6 month journey.


“Thank you, HW, for your excellent customer service & creative weight loss support!”

– Layne Walker

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