Joe O’s Success Story

Joe knew he wanted to reach a healthier weight but needed a bit more motivation than that. Hearing about Healthy Wage through a friend who found the program on SlickDeals, he was intrigued with the idea that this might be the motivation he had been looking for and decided to sign-up. Joe opted for a basic strategy designed to simply eat better and become more active. This meant a formula of reduced caloric intake and more intense exercise.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, calories are easier to track with mobile apps like MyFitness Pal. Joe eventually reduced his carb intake by eliminating breads, pasta, and sweets from his diet. Seeing these dramatic changes Joe was making garnered him a large cheering section in the form of his family, friends, and co-workers. They did not know that he was doing the program at first, but as Joe grew more confident that he would meet his goal, he became more vocal about it and the encouragement from others was amplified further.

The money was a big motivator as well. If he looked at a certain tempting food, Joe would ask himself if it was worth $300 or if that nap versus cardio was worth that same amount. He never found a donut or excuse that was worth that value so he kept going. Along the way, there are challenges with work stress, where he would have previously turned to food and drink to combat it. Now, Joe turns to exercise to respond to stress. In meeting his goal, Joe is looking to lose more and has signed up for another Healthy Wage 10% Challenge. It has worked for him and Joe now tells others that it is possible to lose weight and make money doing it!

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