January 25, 2013 $10,000 Team Challenge Winners

First Place Winners: Life Beyond the Pies

Life Beyond the PiesLosing the highest percentage weight possible (16.59%) in the HealthyWage January 24th Team Challenge, Team Life Beyond the Pies lost an unbelievable 215 pounds total taking home the top prize out of 171 teams. This total weight lost averages out to 43 pounds lost per person, an incredible transformation for all 5 team members.

After seeing HealthyWage on TV and researching the rules, team members Sam Posa and Jimmy Rodriguez sent out a Facebook message, seen below, to their friends with hopes that they would get 3 other individuals as motivated as they were. After getting great responses from friends, they decided that Jimmy’s sister and two cousins would be the best fit for the team.

They kept in close contact and were successful due to the team dynamic, not individual motives. “We are a very close and united team. So we regularly met in person, left messages on our group page on Facebook, and every day we messaged each other.  We were always in contact, to either discuss problems or to motivate each other.  We even posted pictures of our meals so we can see what we were eating.  We gave each other advice on what to eat and what kind of exercises we were doing”, shared team member Erica Romo.

However, the team’s success came in many forms, exercising was just a small part of losing the weight. Jimmy Rodriguez said,  “I’ve read a lot these past weeks about nutrition and health in general. 90% of my success was definitely due to diet! I banned refined carbohydrates and processed foods. I kept my diet as clean as I possibly could. I now realize that sugar is the reason I always felt hungry in the past.” Having a prize at then end also greatly attributed to their success, Jimmy also shared, “I definitely kept my eye on the prize, and I knew if I wanted to reach my goal and win I had to continue doing what I was doing. If it weren’t for the competition I may have given up in a moment of weakness, my competitive spirit didn’t allow that. “

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 5.28.39 PM

Combining exercise, team-work, portion control, gaining dietary knowledge, and the final prize, was the reason for the major weight loss. After, trying many other ways of losing weight, Team Life Beyond the Pies now know that these weight loss methods were integral to the success of the team.  With all of the diets and weight loss solutions, this team now knows the best way to lose the weight they had so much trouble losing in the past. Team member Raquel Rodriguez said it best, “I had joined Weight Watchers and done other diets in the past with no success, therefore being able to lose so much weight made me feel very accomplished and made me realize that I CAN DO it.”

Congratulations on winning the $10,000 prize Team Life Beyond the Pies!

Second Place Winners: Husky Huskies

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 5.41.02 PMTeam Husky Huskies had tremendous success in the January 24th  HealthyWage team challenge losing 193 pounds in total, with an average of over 38 pounds per person! They lost 16.40% of their starting weight, with only one team losing more percentage of their weight.

 The team consisted of 4 members of an Electrical Engineering pre major study group from the University at Washington and one brother-in-law.  Their team name show’s their school spirit representing the UW mascot, the husky. The college lifestyle was the biggest factor in gaining the extra weight and needing the extra cash.  Team member Frank Chu summed it up, “We are all poor college students. Knowing that we had a chance at winning money, losing weight and feeling better about ourselves just motivated us to train hard and change our eating habits.”

 As most of our participant will tell you, joining the Team Challenge and being held accountable by a team was the push they needed to change the lifestyle they had grown tired of. Team member Michael Lu told us, “I saw this challenge as a way of reversing the damage I did on my body, a second chance at life.  I was motivated to exercise and eat healthier.  Instead of watching television or playing video games, I went outdoors with my team.”

HealthyWage makes sure that every participant stays focused for the entire 12 weeks, Team Husky Huskies greatly benefited from our program. Team member Kevin Echols shared, “The biggest part of this challenge that kept me motivated was the weekly weigh-ins on the HealthyWage site. The majority of us saw one another on a daily basis so motivation simply came from watching some of our group lose weight, which pushed the other part of our group to follow and lose weight as well. This, in turn helped me stay motivated and lose the weight.”

 As a result of the competition, the team is now looking and feeling the best they have in their lives. With the spring semester coming to an end, they can enjoy their new looks and participate in much more activities over the summer. Their second prize winnings will go a long way in paying for the next step in their college careers.

Great job Team Husky Huskies!

Third Place Winners: Oops We Ate It Again

oopsDuring a party in December Renee Gray and her brother Raymond saw some family members who they hadn’t seen in awhile who looked different from the last time they met. Renee asked them what their secret was, and they learned all about the HealthyWage Team Challenge. After hearing about the possibility of losing weight and winning money, they both knew that this would be the way they would finally be able to make that transformation they had been hoping for.

 Renee’s husband Andy, her sister Stella, and Stella’s husband Mike joined them to create Team Oops I Ate it Again. They came in third in HealthyWage’s January 25th Team Challenge, with 4 out of 5 members losing more than the max amount of percentage weight loss of 16.59% and 171 pounds total! At 34.2 pounds lost per person they did an amazing job in the 12-week program.

 All being part of the same family surely helped them stay motivated throughout the competition.  Since it was difficult getting everyone together constantly, Renee created a calendar to ensure that everyone was on track for the entire challenge. She told us, “I created different activities to do throughout the months.  We had to text each other what we did for exercise, take a picture of your main meal for the day, take a picture of yourself, how your feeling for that day, and we text our weights to each other every Friday. We also scheduled group activities.” By having a set plan, they kept to a tight schedule and knew there was no room for setbacks if they wanted to win.

 The other methods that helped them lose the weight was avoiding fast food, portion control, ‘two-a-day’ gym trips, cutting soda completely out of their lives, and setting individual goals. Team member Michael Clement foreshadowed his team success, saying, “I went into the challenge thinking that no matter if we placed in the top 3 or not, I would be in better shape and on my way to a healthier lifestyle.  Win win, either way!!”

We are glad to see them place 3rd in this competitive Team Challenge. Congratulations to everyone that participated!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin Sr says:

    Excellant team work to all the participants. Keep it up!

  2. Dianne Echols says:

    This challenge was amazing to watch, my son went from eating chips to eating carrots. His team mates were all very dedicated and the transformations were fantastic not just the weight loss but the choices I’m food they have continued to make. Kevin was not the only one who benefited from this challenge. He inspired the whole family to eat better and exercise. I’m proud of these guys they look fantastic! Thank you for the challenge. Kevin’s Mom

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