healthywage success story: marissa

marissa before after

“I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the challenge, it’s been really helpful for me to focus on myself and move toward my goals.”

On working together as a team:

Our team was different than most, as we came together without knowing one another and living in different areas of the county.  We would offer support to each other through our team Facebook page, while also communicating by email with parts of or the whole group.  Being part of the group was motivating in itself, as even when I was tempted to stray (especially at holiday parties!) I remembered the girls and used that to stay focused on the goal.

Changes that made a difference:

I started by tracking everything I ate, which can be an eye opening experience.  I then focused on eating more whole foods and not snacking after dinner.  Increasing exercise was so important.  I tried to exercise at 6 days a week, and engage in different exercises so I didn’t get board.  I would walk or jog, do circuit training, biking, and dancing.

Financial Motivation:

It’s not often that you get to work solely on yourself in order to potentially win money.  This was certainly a motivating factor to begin the journey and to stay focused.

How baby weight is different than other weight:

After having a baby, and then another, there is not a lot of time to focus on what I need or want for myself.  There is a lot that changes after having children, not just the way your body looks.  Time management has to be the biggest challenge I have faced when trying to lose baby weight.  Working full time and finishing my master’s degree, while caring for my family and looking to take better care of myself took a lot of planning and teamwork within my family unit.  Planning healthy meals, using the crock-pot, and pre-portioning foods was key to success.  I also had to ask for help more often from my husband to give me the time I needed to exercise.

Weight maintenance:

I have more weight to lose and need to stay focused on that goal.  To do so, I’ve signed up for my first 5K this summer.  This is helping me to stay centered on physical training and keeping myself healthy with good foods.  My husband is also signing up and doing it with me, making better health a focus for our whole family.

Words of advice and inspiration: 

It takes time to adjust to having a baby in your life, and the body changes you may have after pregnancy and birth.  Don’t pressure yourself and expect to be back to your old size right away.  Focus on healthy choices, eat healthy, and get rest.  Use your baby in your exercise:  take a walk, dance, or use DVDs for mommy and me exercise.  Don’t be afraid to ask for some time to focus on and take care of yourself daily, even if it’s 30 minutes.  It can make a huge difference in your outlook.

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