HealthyWage Success Story: TammyJo P

Tammy Jo read about HealthyWage in a magazine and decided this might be the way to go on her quest to lose weight that had been part of most of her adult life. Like many working moms, she was busy raising her four boys, working, and taking care of the home. When her husband was promoted and she suddenly had the ability to stay at home, Tammy Jo had a moment to stop and really look at herself. She was stunned at the person looking back at her in the mirror.She couldn’t figure out how she got to this place and she wasn’t happy with what she saw.

As a competitive person, Tammy Jo likes to win so the HealthyWage Challenge was perfect. Despite the TammyJo Pmotivation to win, it was slow going at first primarily because exercise was hurting more than it should. After a visit to the doctor, she took gluten out of her diet and the pain went away. From then on, exercising got easier and she could get back on track. Running and exercise videos provided enjoyment and helped to start shedding the pounds. Logging in to do her weigh-ins, Tammy Jo could also see other people’s results, which provided further motivation to push harder and to make additional lifestyle changes. With those changes came new lessons about food and what was really healthy.

The only real challenge came in the summer with the boys come from school as Tammy Jo preferred to exercise alone, so she had to make temporary adjustments like getting up earlier to still stick to the plan. Now, she is enjoying the results of all that hard work and is basking in her weight loss win.

“HealthyWage kept me more accountable and provided the challenge that I needed – and enjoyed – to meet my weight loss goals.”

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