HealthyWage Success Story: Nikita H

After her move to Florida with her husband, she realized that she had packed on more pounds than she Nikita H before and afterreally wanted and was determined to get back to a healthy weight where she could feel good about herself. Starting out on her own, she lost six pounds but was then at a standstill, so she began doing research online about weight loss help. That’s when she spotted an online ad for HealthyWage and decided to investigate further.

Once she felt like it was a legitimate competition, Nikita signed up and began her strategy for weight loss. Her first step was to stop eating junk food, including putting her sweet tooth on lockdown. Gradually, she cut back further and counted calories to help shape a new, healthier diet. However, challenges did appear, including hitting a plateau once she dropped the first 30 pounds. Without that financial incentive, Nikita felt like she might have given into her frustration and stopped working on her weight loss goal. But, between seeing that money and the help of her husband who was there to motivate her to get outdoors and do something active together. That’s when she got past the plateau and really started working on her exercise, including walking, biking, tennis and Pilates. For her, exercise had to be fun, different, and mostly outdoors to keep it from getting boring. It was kicking up the exercise that helped for the final push that got her to what is now 70 pounds. Not only does Nikita feel great, but she is also focused on a healthy lifestyle to help her maintain that weight loss.She’s also been busy telling others about how well HealthyWage worked for her.

“HealthyWage is a fantastic motivation. It helps to have all the support they provide, including checking in and seeing progress on the chart not to mention the blog with other people’s stories and picture”

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