HealthyWage Success Story: JW

J.W. heard about Healthy Wage on television and was intrigued by the premise involved in convincing jw before and afterpeople to lose weight and become healthier as well as the promise of a cash incentive. He decided it was further researcher on the Internet to be sure. Once he verified Healthy Wage was a credible program where real people had lost weight, but won money, he knew it was something that he wanted to try. To him, the strategy to lose weight involved common sense, but it was the promise of getting back his original money plus more that was the greater incentive.

After all, investing money in you increases the accountability to meet the weight loss goals. As he said, “it was a real no brainer.” J.W. simply did not want to lose the money he put down plus the other money from Healthy Wage was essentially ‘free money’ so why not take it. To make sure J.W. got that ‘free money,’ he pursued an aggressive strategy of exercise four to six times a week and reduced calorie intake, which he monitored using a mobile app. Knowing there was a deadline only pushed him harder to reach his goals. J.W. said he learned a lot from doing the Healthy Wage program and has clearer understanding of the contest as well as his own weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating – all of which he plans to share with others to help them be successful when they try the Healthy Wage Challenges for themselves.

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