HealthyWage Success Story: Josh E

Josh was thinking about weight loss, which is what led him to an article online that featured HealthyWagejosh e success among the many tips offered. Previously, he had tried pre-made meals and shakes to help, but Josh never hit his weight loss goal. The idea of getting paid to do what he already knew had to be done was very appealing. His strategy to meet the HealthyWage goals started with strength training along with a food journal app recommended by his business partner. The app helped him looked at food differently, which led him and his family to drastically reducing processed food. While obstacles did pop up along the way, Josh realized that, to overcome them, simply meant more planning. When eating out, it dawned on him that getting healthy meals was possible pretty much anywhere. He simply had to choose those items over the usual selections.

The financial incentive was important, but Josh was more concerned about blowing the $300 investment he made at the start to join. That kept him on track and helped him meet his weight loss goals. Beyond winning money from HealthyWage, Josh created some other financial benefits. When he was heavier, health and life insurance costs went up, but thanks to his weight loss, he is putting money back into the family budget each month thanks to the reduced premiums.

The entire HealthyWage experience across the many individual challenges he has participated in have been great for him, especially the ability to now do his check-ins from his smartphone with the HealthyWage app. Now, Josh is focused on maintaining his weight loss and enjoying his new healthy lifestyle.

“Ten percent is not much. Six months is not much. The hardest part is spending the money and making the commitment. That’s why I think HealthyWage works. It really pushes you to stay committed once you make that type of investment in yourself.”

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