HealthyWage Success Story: Diane H

Diane H. knew she needed to lose weight and had spent most of her adult life trying every diet under the sun only to fail to achieve true weight loss. Then, her company offered a health promotion directed at helping employees feel better and get into shape. One of the promotions was to join a HealthyWage team challenge, which she signed up right away.

Of the group, D.H. was the only one who truly lost the weight because she took to the idea immediately. While the financial reward was a good motivator to start, it was the discovery of real results that kept her going. With the help of a functional medicine doctor, who looked at her blood work and uncovered critical health issues as well as who provided her with an extreme detox plan, D.H. made strides. Cutting out sugar, gluten, and dairy may have seemed hard, but, for D.H., her body reacted positively and she no longer craved foods with these ingredients. She began walking at least three miles daily and began to feel a surge in her energy levels. Feeling so much better became her mantra and kept her on track to making wise choices. No longer eating at her work cafeteria, which only offered poor food choices, D.H. now brings her lunch every day. She reads menus online before going out to eat to help her make the right choices even when faced with temptations. And, when she does have a piece of bread or something sweet, D.H. makes sure it is something exceptional to make it worth falling off track for a minute and then immediately getting refocused back onto her healthy choices.

Now 40 pounds down, D.H. continues to work on her weight loss with less than 20 pounds to go, and she owes it all to the great idea behind HealthyWage.

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