healthywage success story: caroline

Caroline lost 88 pounds! Congratulations!

caroline“It’s been a year I made it to a healthy BMI!”

I heard about HealthyWage on my local CBS news channel. Since they endorsed the program, I thought it would be “safe” to check it out and I signed up because I had been wanting to lose weight for years, and the money-earning potential was incentive enough to get me going. Putting up my own money definitely helped me stay focused. I am a single parent, and I don’t have a lot by way of “spare change”, so I paid my $300. deposit with serious intentions of getting it back. I have recommended the program to several of my friends and a lot of interest has been generated by my transformation process!

I think this program is really worthwhile!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. M S F says:

    Congrats!!! Good for you!!!!

  2. Karen Meyer says:

    Congratulations. You inspired me to keep going!

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