HealthyWage Team Challenge Success Stories!

We’ve had tons of Team Challenge winners since the Team Challenge began in 2009. Check out these HealthyWage Team Success Stories for inspiration and motivation. Remember, they started out just like you!

The September 25th $10,000 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

Something Nerdy“Once we hit #1 we got a whole new wave of energy and encouragement and never looked back!”
Read on…

The August 28th $10,000 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

Los Rebajadores
“…you can’t help but want to work towards the golden ticket at the end!” Find out who won…

The July 31st $10,000 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

The Road Less Padded
The Road Less Padded

We had a tie! Find out who shared in over $18,000 in prizes!

Another $20,000+ Pay Out!
The Davita Rx Winner Announcement

Team Thin It To Win It
Team Thin It To Win It

Did they win it? Find out!

Winner Announcement: July 10th!
Another $20,000 in Prizes!

Fat No Mas“We monitored the website constantly and did not like when one of the other teams out ranked us.”
See how they ranked!

The CSX Team Challenge
Over $20,000 Paid Out!

Team Half Fast Five CSX“We decided if we focused on losing weight and pushed hard to do so, then we would definitely finish with a prize. Even if that prize was simply being healthier.” Read more…

Nearly $40,000 Awarded, June 2015
February 27th Team Challenge

Time is Too Short
Time is To Short

SO MANY WINNERS!  Keep reading!

Another HUGE PAY-OUT Awarded, June 2015
Aurora Team Challenge

Graceful Losers
The Graceful Losers

See who won, read on…

More than $35,000 Awarded, May 2015
January 30th Team Challenge

Fat Boy Slim
Fat Boy Slim

SO MANY WINNERS!  Keep reading!

  Awarding another $27,000, May 2015!
Northside ISD Team Challenge

Slender Contenders NISD2
The Slender Contenders

Believe it, we’re still giving it away!  Read more…

Another $32,000 Awarded, May 2015
Booz Allen Hamilton Team Challenge

16percent BAH
Team 0001 0110.0110%

And over $14,000 pounds lost!  Keep reading!

 Over $25,000 Awarded, May 2015
Energy Industry Challenge

The Truffle Shuffles
The Truffle Shuffles

Which energy company took home the Energy Cup Trophy? Keep reading!

$18,000 MORE Awarded, April 2015

The Slim-gineers
The Slim-gineers

 Bon Jovi Sucks, The Slim-ginners, Thinned Mariachi…keep reading!

$18,000 Awarded, April 2015

The Nutburgers II
The Nutburgers II

 Nutburgers II Read more…

$36,000 Awarded, January 2015

Five Guys Five Guts before and after

“We worked off of each other well.” – Five Guys, Five Guts Read more…

3rd Tri-Misters before and after

“There were times when someone felt like they were weak, but knowing that they did not want to let the other team members down kept them from giving into temptation.” – The 3rd Tr-Misters
Read more…

$36,000 Awarded, December 2014

Brothers from another Mother before and after

“Their friendship also became the basis of the main driver for them to come out on top, which was their competitive nature” Read more…

Half Ton Heroes before and after

“It helped motivate people like us, kept us motivated, and maybe will also help us keep it off. It was great to have people actually notice a change without us having to say something” Read more…

$18,000 Awarded, October 2014

Hunger Games before and after

” I was adamant that I was going to finish what I started, and HealthyWage helped connect me with a team that had also lost a teammate. They were a great motivation.” Read more…

$72,000 Awarded, September 2014

Domino’s Five Weigh Mix & Match before and after

“They really felt that the team atmosphere got them to do things they would not have done otherwise and to keep going to the end..” Read more…

Excess Baggage before and after

“We appreciate the opportunity LiveWell and HealthyWage gave us to participate in this weight loss challenge! It was a great learning experience for all of us. We will continue to maintain our weight and live a healthier life.”
Read more about the winners of the Energy Industry 2014 Team Challenge..

Good Genes are hard to find before and after

“It wasn’t only for the team but for the dozens of friends and family members that cheered them on along the way”
Read more about the winners of the Aurora Health Care 2014 Team Challenge..

Pseudo Phat Folks before and after

“It gave us the motivation to stay accountable to ourselves and each other to go the distance and lose the weight we wanted to lose.”
Read more about the winners of the HDR 2014 Team Challenge..

$18,000 Awarded, August 2014

Domino’s Five Weigh Mix & Match before and after

“The competition was great and the mini-challenges were fun.” Read more…


$18,000 Awarded, July 2014

American Fat-iators before and after

“Knowing that everyone was proud of them really helped to boost this team of former athletes to push harder, go deeper, and sweat more.” Read more…

$18,000 Awarded, June 2014

Hold the Mayo before and after

““The team aspect is what makes it all work!”,” Read more…

$18,000 Awarded, April 2014

No mo Junk in da trunk before and after

“HealthyWage allowed us to work together on losing weight and made us feel accountable to each other because we did not want to let each other down and lose that momentum by falling off the diet and exercise wagon.” Read more…

$18,000 Awarded, March 2014

Hefty Hunters before and after

“HealthyWage helped by getting other people involved. We had to do it for ourselves AND our team mates.” Read more… 

$18,000 Awarded, February 2014

Pita Eaters before and after

“HealthyWage provided the catalyst we needed to get the motivation going. While the money was a lot of the motivation, the team effort also made the difference when it came to dropping the pounds.” Read more…

$54,000 Awarded, December 2013

Pita Eaters before and after

October 4th, 2013 Team Challenge Winners

Money Hungry before and after

September 13th, 2013 Team Challenge Winners

Aurora Wellness Challenge 2013_0010

Aurora Healthcare Team Challenge Winners

$18,000 Awarded, November 2013

Pita Eaters before and after

July 19th, 2013 Team Challenge Winners

$18,000 Awarded, September 2013

Team Bacon After Pic

June 14, 2013 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

$36,000 Awarded, August 2013


May 17th, 2013 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

Los Vatos Gordos Before-After

April 19th, 2013 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

$18,000 Awarded, July 2013


March 29, 2013 Team Challenge

$38,000 Awarded, June 2013


Seattle-Tacoma Team Challenge Challenge

1st Place - Fisher Pride

March 8, 2013 Team Challenge


February 22, 2013  Team Challenge

$36,000 Awarded, May 2013

2nd Place - The Teachers

February 15, 2013 Team Challenge

Life Beyond the Pies

January 25, 2013 Team Challenge

$18,000 Awarded, April 2013

Too Big to Fail

New Year 2013 Team Challenge

$18,000 Awarded, January 2013

Fat Mike and the Boys

October 2012 Team Challenge

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