HealthyWage Corporate Team Success Story: Volvo

Losin’ A Truckload were made up of a family hat were determined to lose weight and liked what HealthyWage offered in terms of competition and a financial incentive. Thanks to Angie’s company, Volvo, a company committed to health and wellness for its employees, the HealthyWage competition came to their attention. And, thanks to Volvo, part of the fee for each team member – even those that were not Volvo employees – was offset by the company. Since the team was made up of family members, they already had a built-in support system to help each other stay committed to eating right and exercising.

Each team member took an approach to weight loss that they felt would be fun and possible for them to achieve. Some used fitness and calorie apps to track their progress while others used the insanity workout or gym routines. Together, they walked and run as well as shared a Sunday family dinner. In-between, there were emails of encouragement to stay motivated. While some team members were definitely motivated by the idea of the money, by the end of the competition, everyone was in it for the results they were seeing. Now, they are continuing on with their weight loss goals and contemplating their own family challenge to stay focused over the upcoming food-laden holidays. However, the team feels confident that they can maintain their healthy lifestyles because the time in the HealthyWage competition helped them developed new habits, including eating differently and exercising up to six days a week.

losin a truck load

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