HealthyWage Client Success Story: WW Williams

The Recessions

The Recessions came together as members of a company and one spouse as well as a team member in Virginia that HealthyWage provided when the team lost one of its members. Hard times with fighting layoffs and now fighting to lose weight provided the motivation for the team’s name. Everyone knew they needed to lose weight so they had a common goal and competitive spirit to get them through this Recession and win. Despite having one team member in a different state, they used Facebook to stay in touch and share their results and tips on what seemed to be helping with dropping the pounds. Tammy and her husband changed their eating habits and took out sugar, bread, and starches while adding fish, fruits, and vegetables. Other team members did the same plus went to the gym, sometimes going at 4am just to make sure that the exercise was not missed due to work or other commitments.

Everything worked and the start of results kept them going along with the idea that there would be a financial reward for fighting hard. Now, you could say that they made it through the Recession, stronger, leaner, and healthier. This resurgence in how they feel is helping them to keep going. Their Virginia team mate has already joined another HealthyWage Team Challenge closer to home while the rest of this team continues to work on losing even more weight. They attribute their success to having HealthyWage give them a deadline and a financial incentive to focus on their weight loss rather than putting off getting into shape and feeling bette

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