HealthyWage Client Success Story: Southwest Airlines

Lightening Our Load

Team Lightening Our Load was on a mission to transform themselves into a lean machine. Serving as a beta test for a rollout across Southwest Airlines, the team consisted of directors at Southwest headquarters who had previously tried many other weight loss competitions. Two of the team members were really the driving force behind the HealthyWage team, taking it seriously, encouraging the other members as best they could, and, in the end, losing the most weight on the team. One team member in particular, Grace, has also signed up for the individual challenge because she has been drawn to HealthyWage’s format as a way to stay accountable to her weight loss goals. Both her and her other team mate has experienced a lifestyle makeover.

Lightening Our Load

While her other team mate always lost weight on the other challenges, he would always give up as soon

as it was over and re-gain the weight. That’s not the case this time. He continues to run and measure his calories. It’s been a tremendous change in behavior and attitude about staying healthy. Unfortunately, other team members struggled to reach their goals, presenting a good lesson to the team about commitment and being mentally ready to commit to weight loss. For Grace, a lifelong sugar addict who began developing health problems in her fifties and who was facing a family history of diabetes, the HealthyWage Challenge made some dramatic changes for her. No longer interested in sugar, her

years of swelling and health issues disappeared as the weight came off. She recently completed a race that she has run for 15 years with the best race time ever, beating her times from her 30s.

Grace feels and looks younger, providing a new perspective on her life that has her now thinking of how she can share what she has learned with others both inside and outside of her company. As part of the company’s commitment to wellness, the future may hold a rollout to the numerous stations around the country where Southwest personnel are located to create a healthy amount of completion among each of the

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