HealthyWage Client Success Story: One Nevada

Los Comelones

Los Comelones was formed by a husband and wife along with some other people that they knew who had been successful with weight loss as well as a colleague from work. One Nevada, Jennifer and Bryan’s employer, discounted the entry fee and agreed to reimburse any fees for the top three winning team. Plus, the company provided a cash prize of $500 for1st place and other prizes for 2nd and 3rd place One Nevada teams. The team’s name was provided from Jennifer’s husband and it means “big eater.” Since everyone on the team likes to eat, it was a fitting name.

The team’s strategy was to diet, exercise more, and try and meet up once a month to motivate each other. With busy schedules, it was hard to coordinate much more than that, but they all agreed that they were committed and would not quit. In-between, updates were set up online to track their progress and help motivate each other via email. Along the way, the team had many challenges in the form of celebrations where food temptations were right in front of them, but the team held their own and kept making good food and beverage choices while occasionally enjoying a treat. It has been the cash incentive that has played a huge role from the beginning to keep the team going, but they all agreed that, in the end, the content was more about getting healthier, leaner, and just looking better.

After two months and not being in the top ten, the team thought it was unlikely that they would win the cash prize, but none of them gave up. They were winning for themselves and it still showed in the amount of weight they lost. Plus, they won first place for One Nevada’s internal competition.

“Each member of the team had a different reason for losing weight and getting healthy. It was the competition that they needed to keep motivated, accountable, and on track.”

Lose Comelones Before and after

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