HealthyWage Client Success Story: Mesirow Financial

Thin Mints

Team Thin Mints subscribe to the adage that you cannot be too rich or too thin. For them, they have ThinMintsachieved incredible weight loss success thanks to teamwork, a great strategy, and the determination to lose big to win big. Team member Arla had been through other HealthyWage team challenges and knew what it would take to win, so she put together a team that included her husband and three staff members who she met through an HR department introduction. She knew there had to be weigh-ins, communication, and meetings to keep every member on track and motivated so she took the lead in making sure the strategy was executed.Supporting her was her company, Mesirow Financial, which agreed to pay part of the entry fee plus they put up their own financial incentive of $5,000 for the top team from their company.

The company also made wellness a priority with many programs and regular messages about staying healthy. Arla and her husband used technology to track their exercise and counted calories while staying true to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The other team members had their own strategy of diet and exercise that worked for them.

What they also did was regularly email each other and share updates on weight loss and where they stood in the rankings to keep them competitive. Sticking to this strategy worked and created a very cohesive team despite some of the members not regularly seeing each other in person. Despite the fact that they are both richer and thinner, the team is not done. Each member is now motivated to keep going, take off more weight, and achieve their personal goals.

“HealthyWage helped us lose the weight by giving us the challenge and the technology we needed to stay focused and go farther.”

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