HealthyWage Client Success Story: First National

2 Legit 2 Quit

2 Legit 2 Quit came together when five people all decided that they had a common goal – losing weight and getting healthy – and were part of a supportive company that also wanted the same thing for them. Some of the team members had already started losing weight, so they were excited that they could turn that into a potential payoff. It was the prize money that also made the team feel surer about doing the HealthyWage Team Challenge. In fact, their company, First National, decided to create their own financial reward for employees plus feature the top team in their newsletter.

From the get-go, the team took a democratic and strategic approach toward the HealthyWage Team Challenge. While the team name came from a vote, the strategy on how to approach the weight loss involved individual and team efforts. Calories were counted through an online site called MyFitnessPal to minimize the amount of calories to consume while also helping the team learn and think more about what they were eating. Individual efforts focused on making exercise as fun as possible. These activities included gym boot camps and 5K training.

Each Monday, the team focused on accountability to each other by weighing in and tracking the weight loss percentage. All the effort paid off as they garnered the top spot among their company’s teams and took home a cash prize. They are definitely not done because they plan to continue maintaining their weight loss through calorie counting and staying active. For Team 2 Legit 2 Quit, they did not quit and their weight loss was definitely legit!


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