HealthyWage Client Success Story: First National 2

Waist Management

Waist Management whittled their waists down thanks to the help of the HealthyWage team challenge. Comprised of Katie, her husband, and sister as well as two other team members from Katie’s work, the team set out to win money and get healthy. First National provided them with incredible support — from subsidizing the entry fee and offering weight in at the work location to on-site fitness programs, understanding about eating sugar snap peas in the midst of a meeting, and a special healthy birthday celebration for Katie instead of a cake.

They believed in Katie and her team, which helped them push even harder to reach their goals. Little changes were the best approach for these team members because it led them to lifestyle changes that have stuck far beyond the end of the competition. Katie noted that people ask her what she did to lose weight and she tells them about the sticky notes that are still on her work computer: exercise six days a week, stay away from processed foods, no refined sugar, keep going and smile, you are losing this many pounds (and that last note has had to be updated quite a few times during and after the competition!). All of the team members rediscovered exercising, including walking, running, biking and weights, with each finding their comfort level. They all feel great and are determined to stay that way.

“While HealthyWage gave us the initial incentive to get started by offering the financial reward and First National gave us the support we needed, the motivation to continue come from the desire to change ourselves.”

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