Fall 2014 Jackpot Winning Team: In a State of Transformation!

We are proud to announce the top teams in the Fall 2014 Jackpot! Each member who was on a team who met the 6% weight loss goal won $154.28!

Get to know one of the most successful teams:

In a State of Transformation
7.30% Weight Loss
170 Pounds Lost

In A State Of Transformation!The second place team in the Fall 2014 Jackpot, In a State of Transformation, have now transformed into a healthier version of themselves. While three of them knew each other well being a married couple and another relative, the other two members joined via the HealthyWage website and had been looking for a team to join.

The team also was scattered throughout the country – from New York and Ohio to Texas and Arizona. Despite all being far away from each other and not knowing each other well, they picked the name because they felt they shared a common goal: they were ready to be transformed. They did not let the physical distance get in their way, using technology to stay on top of each other’s progress and to remain motivated. When the emails were not interactive enough, they created their own Facebook group, which made it easier to post pictures and use the instant messaging system for immediate feedback.

No one wanted to let the others down by losing any of their money, so they were driven to succeed by that more so than the prospect of winning any money. To help lose weight, one team members used MyFitnessPal along with diet and exercise, finding that half way through the competition their back started improving when previously the weight put too much strain on their back. Together, they took on the transformation challenge and won despite not all knowing each other well and the physical distance between most of them.


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