Eric O’s Success Story

The idea behind the Healthy Wage Challenge caught Eric’s eye during a search he was conducting online. However, before he signed on, Eric did his homework and made sure it was legitimate. Once it all verified in his mind as a credible program, Eric signed up for the challenge because losing weight had already been on his mind.

To get the return on his investment made doing many things he already knew he should be doing – there just hadn’t been money on the table previously to convince him to do these things. Now, it was a matter of creating the structure and discipline that helped him avoid wheat products and carbs, trading those for organic fruits and yogurt. Already an avid hiker, Eric decided to get back into long hikes but then switch to cycling and swimming on his lunch hour when the weather made hiking less of a viable option. Weekends became mini triathlons as a way to mix up his exercise and help bust through any plateaus in his weight loss. Knowing that he had six months meant planning a schedule of weight loss by month, which, at five pounds a month, made the goal seem realistic and achievable.

The results were he got paid for the reward of reaching his goal, which pumped him up to tell others about how using this program to challenge yourself offered a credible and beneficial return that far exceeded just the financial reward. The Healthy Wage Challenge helped him create a structure and design a new healthy lifestyle for himself that now revolves around better food choices, good health, and regular exercise to ensure the weight does not return.

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