Dennis B’s Success Story

Dennis first heard about Healthy Wage when a friend approached him to find out if he would be willing to join his team for a weight loss challenge sponsored by the company. At first hesitant, the more he researched Healthy Wage and other people’s experiences, the more he was intrigued. After all, he had many goals he wanted to achieve, including getting into better shape and having a healthier life. Dennis decided to join his friend and three other friends for The Matchup Challenge and never looked back. Participating in this challenge gave him the foundation for changing his eating habits, including more fruits and vegetables, smaller portion sizes, and water as his only drink.

Dennis started exercising more, up to five to six times per week for about an hour a day. The group also met up for workouts and a healthy dinner at least once a week as well as encouraged each other to keep it going. Then, Dennis hit his first plateau in his weight loss, but he fought through it by getting up early and taking a long walk every day. Despite the team not winning the challenge, Dennis was pleased with their results: 89 pounds down in less than three months as a team. These impressive results motivated to continue on with other Healthy Wage challenges, including winning the 10% Weight Loss Challenge. The final objective, as far as the Healthy Wage challenges, was the BMI challenge, which lasted a full year. While he no longer had his team members for encouragement, Dennis focused on the financial incentive to see him through the year-long challenge, which he also won! Not to mention, he achieved his goals of losing weight and is now enjoying a healthier life.

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