December 27th, 2013 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

We are proud to announce the winners of the Team Challenge that started on September 13th,2013.

First Place: Money Hungry

Team Captain Josh H. was advised by his doctor to shed some pounds, after this wake up call and hearing about HealthyWage on a few occasions, Josh decided that joining the challenge would be a great gift to end out 2013. Josh found a team consisting of fellow family members and his wife’s colleague at the school she works at Christine.

Even with the name ‘Money Hungry’ and having a $10,000 prize to reach for, the team’s success came mostly from Josh. He made sure that he knew all of the rules before the challenge began and took the leadership role for the team. Josh made sure to send text messages and emails everyday to make sure everyone was accountable. At the start Josh created a detailed spreadsheet to track every members eating habits, exercise, and calorie count.

Sticking to the plan proved the most difficult over Thanksgiving especially with the challenge ending so close.  However, seeing a few teams ahead of them in the standings motivated the team to still meet their goal of the maximum percentage lost of 16.59%.

Knowing the rules of the challenge, and seeing other teams meeting the goal they made sure that they had the highest amount of votes for the mini-challenges. At first they didn’t want to bother their friends on Facebook with their challenge and didn’t even ask them to vote. After, posting their photos online people began to volunteer to give them votes to help encourage them to win the challenge.

As the competition was coming to a close and the final mini-challenge the potential deciding factor for the win, they called in a few favors they had an overwhelming amount of votes.  We are proud to award Team ‘Money Hungry’ with the first place prize of $10,000!

Money Hungry

“Everything was really well weighed-out in the beginning and HealthyWage makes it easy to be successful. It’s really been a great experience for us.”

Second Place: Bad Company

This is not the first go at a HealthyWage team contest for most of the team members on Bad Company. bad companyPreviously, they had won a team competition and were ready to lose more weight. With a few new team members that needed to lose weight, the team reformed as Bad Company, a name that represented their past teamwork efforts as a softball team. With the experience of how the HealthyWage team challenges worked behind them, they used what they knew to lose even more weight with just a few changes to their strategy. For those team members who had previous counted calories, this time around they focused on using Weight Watcher’s approach to change it up.

While those team members also only started running at the end of the previous challenge, now they were running all the time. In fact, one team member ran three 5Ks during this second run at the content. The new members counted calories and focused on cardio. Since they were not all in the same geographical area, they used Facebook to keep in touch, track results, and motivate each other.

This time around, the team members hit their goals again while the new members also met their weight loss objectives. For the guys who had done the competition previously, one lost 100 pounds while another lost over 100 pounds between the two contests. Now that much lighter, the team members feel great and believe that the team concept format is what helped them reach goals that they might have either not met or taken much longer to achieve.

“HealthyWage was a concept that worked for all of us. Between the opportunity to win money and the fact that we didn’t want to let the other down, we dropped a lot of weight and feel great!”

Third Place: Great Gutsby

The Great Gutsby team combined work colleagues, family, and friends who wanted to get rid of their great gutsbies and get in better shape. Although hearing about HealthyWage through work, they did the HealthyWage team challenge on their own. Since everyone had different work schedules and not all of them worked in the same place, they focused on individual diet and exercise strategies that fit their lives.

A husband and wife on the team worked out in the evening because they were night owls while others had morning schedules for exercise.Despite his wife having major knee surgery, Robert was proud of her efforts to keep up with the training and meet her weight loss goals. Together, the team members stayed in contact with email and texts as well as kept a spreadsheet to track what they wanted to achieve. This kept them motivated as well as honest.

While the idea of winning the money was what got them started in the HealthyWage challenge, it was the results that kept them going and really made the difference in the end. In the end, it was reaching that goal weight that became the most important aspect of what they were doing as a team. Now, they can look back and feel great about what they accomplished both individually and as a team.

Great Gutsby

“HealthyWage was a great system for losing weight, including the website, weigh-ins, and mini challenges that kept us all accountable and motivated to keep going.”

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