HealthyWage offers exciting incentive programs that are open to everyone—sign up now!  Need more convincing?  Check out our latest success stories.

The $10,000 Team Challenge is a weight loss contest in which teams of five compete to win prizes, including the $10,000 grand prize.  For each Team Challenge, individuals, companies and government and non-profit organizations compete to lose weight.  The program is designed to be just long enough (about 90 days) to establish permanent habits and behavior change, but short enough to maintain participant engagement.  The Team Challenge  is amazingly successful.  The winning five-person team from each Team Challenge wins $10,000; second place is $5,000; third place is $3,000.  The winners are determined based on the team’s percentage weight loss (the average of each team member’s weight loss) during the contest.  To encourage healthy weight loss, no one gets credit for weight loss beyond 1.5% of his/her body weight per week.  This encourages teammates to focus not just on their own weight loss, but on their teammates’ as well.

Teams forming now!

The HealthyWager gives you the power to chose how much weight you want to lose, the amount of time you want to lose it and the amount you’re willing to wager. It’s a simple way to make losing weight more fun and effective.  If you meet your goal by the agreed time, you win your prize!

Ready to put your money where your mouth was?

Take the Individual HealthyWager Challenge!


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  1. Get off caffeine if you can. It affects your metabolism by slowing it down. After the headache drink a lot of water. Your energy will rise and green tea is a much better substitute!

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