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After Losing 114 Pounds, Kristin W Says, “Living that way was no fun…”

Kristin W. Lost 114 pounds Won $4,000 In a 12-month HealthyWager From Indianapolis, IN Normally here at HealthyWage, we write the success stories. But every once in a while, someone writes in and shares their personal story of weight loss and we just have to share in their own words. So here is Kristin and … Continue reading

Wow! Misty S. Lost 70lbs, Won $3,000!

Misty S. Lost 70 Pounds Won $3,000 In a 12-month HealthyWager 70 pounds! When was the last time you walked around with an extra 70lbs? The last time Misty did, it was June 2014! Misty took out a bet on herself and her health, wagering $75 per month (for 12 months) that she could lose … Continue reading

Another $10,000 HealthyWager Winner! Anastasia W. Lost 41 Pounds, Won $10,000!

Anastasia W. Lost 41 Pounds Won $10,000 In an 18-Month HealthyWager From Edmonds, WA Before finding HealthyWage, Anastasia described herself as miserable. Living in beautiful Washington State, where the appeal of the outdoors and an active lifestyle is strong, Anastasia felt too heavy and out of shape to get involved in the active lifestyle she … Continue reading

Josh H. Lost 56 pounds, Doubled His Money!

Josh H. Lost 56 pounds Won $1217 In a 6-month HealthyWager From Mankato, MN Josh’s doctor had been gently suggesting he lose weight for a while, but Josh was lacking the motivation to do the work. When he heard about HealthyWage, he decided that the threat of losing $600 (and having to tell his wife … Continue reading

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