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The Value of Teams in Reaching Your Weight Loss Potential

There is no “i” in team goes the famous saying.  While the point of creating a team is to focus more on the collective group than on individuals, we often forget the value teams actually have on the individual members.  Losing weight is. for the most part, a solitary activity, dictated usually by solitary decisions … Continue reading

Visualize to Maximize: Using the Power of Visuals to Help You Lose Weight

The power of visualization can be a very effective tool when attempting to reach any goal and weight loss is certainly no exception.  When most people think of visualization in goal setting they usually think of the “laws of attraction”, which can be incredibly useful and I encourage you to look more into it at … Continue reading

It’s Hard to Measure What You Don’t Track

You can’t measure what you don’t track.  This is a simple enough statement that we all do in various degrees and aspects of our busy lives. We do it with work projects, with school assignments and even with our finances.  So why not apply it to your weight loss strategy?  If you are looking for … Continue reading

Tricks to Avoid the Treats

Halloween is just around the corner, which means two things are unavoidable next week: 1) scary costumes and 2) CANDY!  While you might not be able to do much about the scary costumes, you can certainly arm yourself with “tricks” to minimize the intake of sweets that come your way.  Here are just a few … Continue reading

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