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Healthy Links to Motivate, Encourage, Inspire & Educate | Week 2

Sticking with your determination to lose weight is so much tougher when chocolates, cookies, candies, appetizers and so many other delicious foods are being offered everywhere you go this time of year. But it IS possible to stay on track. At HealthyWage, we’re all about providing you with the resources to help you successfully lose … Continue reading

It’s Great to Lose Weight, but Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

Good morning HealthyWage challengers! When I used to gain extra pounds around my waist (yes, guys, that’s where is goes after 40!) and decided it was time to lose weight, I’d to go into “lock-down” mode, I liked to call it. No chips. No ice-cream. No mayo. No cake. No fun.  No fun. No fun! … Continue reading

October is Positive Attitude Month—Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Let’s say your goal is healthier living, whether it’s weight loss, less caffeine or alcohol, or a stronger, more toned physique. No, you don’t need to become Pollyanna to be healthy. You do need to be accepting of what IS in this moment, while making the effort to change the things you can.  These ideas … Continue reading

Congratulations to the Winners of the Chicago Matchup! Great job!!

Meet the winners of “The Chicago Matchup”—the regional, 3-month weight-loss contest that recently awarded top-performing individual and corporate teams with a total of $18,000 in cash prizes. The first, second and third place teams of 5 lost more than 400 pounds collectively, with the hundreds of competition participants losing more than 5,000 pounds collectively.  Senior … Continue reading

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