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Success Story: Meg D

Meg D From Hartford, CT Lost 61 Pounds Won $3,000 In a 6 month HealthyWager Meg first heard about HealthyWage in a woman’s lifestyle magazine and then saw it on a morning show. After struggling with her weight in her 20s but then gaining more after having her first child at 35, she felt it was … Continue reading

More Healthy Links to Encourage, Educate, Inspire & Motivate

The wealth of information available to dieters these days is amazing, especially the resources online. You can read about the latest diet fads, the most recommended health tips, the new exercise regimen popular celebrities are practicing, and now with social media, you can even find out what they are eating one meal at a time. … Continue reading

Tips for a Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

While it’s not the official start of summer, most of the country pretty much treats it as such. Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to start planning your summer months and incorporating good lifestyle choices into your everyday routine before the Fall arrives. Try putting together a 90 day calendar and set benchmarks along … Continue reading

Why You Should Pay Attention to the Quantified Self Movement

Know thy quantified self. We are in the age of tracking. We track almost everything we do. We take photos of our meals at restaurants and post them to Instagram. We check-in everywhere we go with FourSquare. We even track our day by posting status updates on Facebook. The area that you SHOULD be tracking … Continue reading

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