Exclusive Video: You Too Can Enjoy a Healthy, Mindful Vacation!

This week is the second episode of my new video series on permanent weight loss, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this one, “Shrink and Splash,” I explore some great tools for weight loss while on vacation. Enjoy! Today’s guest is Sandy, who is spending some leisure time in sunny California. Watch our CBT therapist Ellen…

“Do Calories Really Matter for My Team?”

Yes! Understanding the importance of calories is as simple as understanding one important fact: There are 3,500 calories on every pound of fat. For each pound you want to lose, you have to burn 3,500 more calories than you eat. If you eat 3,500 calories today, and also burn 3,500, that means you haven’t gained or lost any weight…

The Missing Link

The difference between us and our evolutionary ancestors is that we have the ability to be mindful. Find the missing link and lose weight for good.

No Holiday Pounds

It’s hard enough to put the brakes on eating when you are eating normally, but when you’ve been eating fabulous, rich holiday food with abandon for several weeks before you start your weight loss mission, it may be harder than ever.