Ben L’s Success Story

News of the Healthy Wage Challenge came to Ben via his wife who had seen an ad in the local newspaper. The timing couldn’t have been better as Ben had set another New Year’s resolution to lose weight – this time, for real. Having a financial incentive helped empower him to increase his will power, define a clear weight goal, and get it done. When he puts money into something, he does not want to lose – except in this case, it would be to lose weight.

To reach his goal, Ben kept his plan as simple as possible – make it too complicated and it becomes easier to just give up. His plan involved cardio five times a week and a dietary regimen where he focused on lower calories and better food choices from Sunday to Thursday. He gave himself Friday and Saturday to enjoy a few more calories but not go crazy. The results of this personal strategy began to show positive results. In fact, he exceeded his goal and has now focused on different goals. After all, once he was able to permanently alter his lifestyle, it was just a matter of creating new goals based on what he wanted to achieve. Now that the weight loss is under his belt, he is now focused on muscle tone and regular cardio to stay energized.

For Ben, it’s all about putting his money where his mouth is, which has helped him stop and think about his lifestyle changes before making them. Now, he recommends the Healthy Wage Challenge to anyone who wants to enjoy all the ‘rewards’ that come with weight loss and participation in this life-changing program.

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