healthywage success story: karen

karen before after“Nothing works like feeling better.”  – Karen after losing over 65 pounds!

I had been having many health problems–high blood pressure, breathing problems (I have asthma), unable to walk very far and severe pain in my back. I had had a hip replacement about a year before and I was in so much pain that I had been trying various things, a back doctor, accupuncture, and yoga, among other things. Nothing helped. In desperation I decided to try losing weight. I was as surprised as anyone when the pain in my back began to subside.

I tried to think of all the things that would keep me motivated. I joined Medifast, a weight loss program that provides specific foods that you need to purchase. The program also requires you to weigh in every week and includes a maintenance plan. I also signed up for HealthyWage. At first I was just going to do the 10% challenge which required me to put up $100 but I thought losing $100 might not be enough to motivate me. A friend said to me, ” No Karen, you need to do the $300 BMI challenge.” And so I did.

I know myself so well that I know that money is a powerful motivator for me. The money didn’t really come into play until I was nearing the end. Then I knew I would really be upset with myself if I got close but failed to reach my goal. Not only would I lose the cash prize but the $300 I put up as well. So, the last month or so was terrible. My son asked me why I was doing that to myself and I said, “I thought it would motivate me and it would be easy money.” Well, it did motivate me, but it was not easy money.

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