The Complete List: 2017’s Top Weight Loss Blogs

At HealthyWage, we are all about inspiring stories of weight loss success, tips and ideas for weight loss motivation, and actionable plans, whether through recipes, workout plans, and/or emotional strategies. That’s why we’ve  rounded up this list of the Top 50 Weight Loss Blogs we’ll be following in 2017.

The blogs on this list were selected because both the HealthyWage team and our community of weight loss challenge participants turn to them over and over again for inspiration and motivation. We encourage you to check out everyone on this list; we know you’ll find some new favorites.

Below, you’ll find the full list of our top blogs for 2016. For some more insight into the bloggers on this list, check out these posts:


  1. No Thanks to Cake
  2. Eat, Drink & Be Skinny
  3. Running Diva Mom
  4. Double Chin Diary
  5. 300 Pounds Down
  6. All the Weigh
  7. It Sux To Be Fat
  8. Grace Got Healthy
  9. Goal of Losing
  10. The World According to Eggface
  11. The Miscellaneous Mom
  12. Skinny Meg
  13. Authentically Emmie
  14. Runs for Cookies
  15. just a one girl revolution
  16. Mindy’s Fitness Journey
  17. The Sassy Pear
  18. FatGirl vs. World
  19. The Running In Pink Project
  20. Meals and Miles
  21. My Bizzy Kitchen
  22. Jeanette Fulda
  23. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss
  24. Run Eat Repeat
  25. My Journey to Fit
  26. Prevention RD
  27. Preppy Runner
  28. Brooke: Not On A Diet
  29. Back at Square Zero
  30. The Fit Cookie
  31. Snack Girl
  32. A Journey to Thin
  33. Hit the Road Jane
  34. Bye Bye Fat Pants
  35. The Fit Crasher
  36. Danica’s Daily
  37. The Failed Dieter
  38. Running Off the Reese’s
  39. Happy or Hungry
  40. Fatso Weight Loss
  41. Trading Cardio for Cosmos
  42. We Make 7
  43. Shrinking Guy Fitness
  44. Coach Mindy Weight Loss
  45. The Weight of My Weight
  46. Curvy Girl Chronicles
  47. Body ReBooted
  48. Fat2Fit2Fat
  49. The Fit Housewife
  50. The Nourished Caveman

Happy Reading!

If you have any other favorites that are not on our list, please let us know in the comments!