Tiffany K., “The only way to get there is from right here!”

TiffanyB&ATiffany K.

Lost 63 Pounds

Won $390

In a 9-month HealthyWager

Tiffany’s journey started with a simple question from her doctor, “What are we going to do to get you healthy?” At 266 pounds, she said it was something about her tone and her collaborative approach that just really made it all click, and Tiffany knew it was time to make a change.

That day she and her doctor set a 90 day weight loss goal of 15-20 pounds. Tiffany’s A1c levels were also borderline at that time, and it was up to her to change her way of eating to improve it, or live with the prospect of diabetes or a lifetime of medications.

After her first 90 days, her A1c started to move in the right direction, so they tried again – another 90 days. At that point, she’d lost almost 40 pounds and her A1c was back into the healthy range. At the same time, her employer offered the $10,000 Team Challenge. She signed up right away, it was evident her employer was making a big push toward healthy living and it felt like a great incentive to help keep Tiffany moving in the right direction! But in addition to her team challenge, she also started her 9-month HealthyWager, “I needed something on the horizon to keep me going once the team challenges ended.”

Tiffany took her role as team captain very seriously! She felt it important both to help increase the accountability of those on her team, as well as her own! She sent daily emails with tips and regularly shared success stories as motivation and inspiration.  Tiffany took off an incredible 27 pounds in those 3 months, and then signed up for another Team Challenge when the first one ended!

After 2 team challenges and the remaining 3 months of her HealthyWager, Tiffany dropped a grand total of 63 pounds, winning her HealthyWager AND her entry fee reimbursement for her first team challenge! Even a vacation to Europe didn’t derail this lady, accountability she said, was what kept her on track! And taking into account her weight loss before HealthyWage – Tiffany’s total weight loss tops 100 pounds! AMAZING!

Tiffany says after years of losing and regaining, this is the first time she’s made it all the way to her goal. At this point, she’s comfortable living the healthier lifestyle she’s created and she’s still slowly losing but without the intention or effort. “If I never lose another pound again, I’d still be happy.” She says her focus now is staying actively focused on just living this healthy lifestyle and making good decisions daily.

As for the cash, her reward is to replace her workout clothes! We think that’s a pretty awesome use of the prize money. As for advice to others, she says “the only way to get there is from right here.” Wise words meaning, the past doesn’t matter, only where you are today. Finally she adds that it’s important to realize that “you don’t need to look like a barbie doll to be successful.”

Congratulations, Tiffany – you are a tremendous success and inspiration to many!